REBOOT – reintroduction to employment & maintaining a healthy workplace


Sickness absence-related costs to employers and taxpayers have been estimated at £22 billion a year. Employers in the UK do not have to pay directly for their employees’ health care; but they do pay national insurance contributions that help to fund the NHS so a healthier workforce will reduce demand and lower long term costs.

Mental health issues now account for more than twice the number of Employment and Support Allowance and Incapacity Benefit claims than do musculoskeletal complaints; so focusing on the wellbeing of our unemployed community and workforces is paramount to ensure our local economy improves.

We act as a health ambassador in our area, closing social inequalities with a mind, body and soul approach. Our weekly sessions are flexible to suit the needs of our clients – they can be reeled out on a weekly basis as part of a six week rolling cycle, which allows anyone to start on any of the workshops; or to suit a workplace environment they can be purchased as one off sessions. We aim to help people back into employment or guide them in being happier employees by addressing confidence boosting and educational lifestyle coaching. Team building activities and nutritional education will boost client morale and help individuals to make positive life affirming changes.

We believe that a fitter community is a happier and more productive one, and ultimately more healthy.