A cancer diagnosis is life altering, but not defining. Many clients will be at risk of osteoporosis, enforced menopause, loss of balance, fatigue, sickness, low self esteem, depression and weight loss or gain. Treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be gruelling, and surgery can disrupt your regular routines.

We can help clients to establish their “new normal” through a varied exercise program designed to improve quality of life. Clients may be undergoing treatment, living post cancer, or in palliative care – all will benefit from fun weekly sessions of support wrapped in fitness.

Elements of strength and resistance training will improve bone density and balance. Clients will benefit from increased independence, improved mental wellbeing, and more energy and stamina; we will also provide nutritional support and information to help them to achieve their body image goals along encouraging them to make life long choices.

We can prehab before and rehab post surgery to boost a speedy recovery, and support clients back into the workplace. Progression is monitored and clients are encouraged to work up through our fitness models.

There are opportunities to work with an experienced rehabilitation personal trainer in private sessions.

“Following radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment I ached on a daily basis – it hurt to sit down, stand up, move gently, move quickly… Exercise rehabilitation has got me mobile and reduced the pain I feel now – I’ve got my independence back!”
— Louise Blenkinsop