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REFLECT – Dementia


Dementia impacts not only the client, but the carers, family and friends of individuals suffering.

We recognise that clients will need familiarity in our fun, stress-busting, functional sessions. Carers are actively encouraged to join us in improving not only the client’s safe daily living activities but also their own quality of life.

Music based seated activity will develop and sustain life enhancing skills, along with improved mental agility, and progression with speech and language. Social engagement will impact on the mental wellbeing of all involved and may help clients to delay the onset of further symptoms.

smile and reflect

This bespoke fitness toolbox that includes music therapy, singing and fun that will hopefully enable a better living experience at home. Our weekly sessions throughout Cornwall offer a safe inclusive environment, allowing both clients and carers to interact in a stress-free environment.

The Core Health Consultancy team are running sessions at many memory cafes throughout Cornwall.

There are opportunities to work with an experienced rehabilitation personal trainer in private sessions.