RENEW - Neurological

Renew was designed in 2007 by Helen Tite. The focus of the program was to cater for neurological conditions including MS, Stroke, brain and spinal injuries and Parkinson's Disease. The evidence gathered from the courses lead to a study by Oxford Brookes University confirming the success of gentle movement and mobility outside of the medical model which can make improvements to quality of life, improvements in daily living and improve emotional wellbeing. 


Watch the films to find out more about Renew. hear what the clients think of our programme

RENEW – looking after, but not limited to: Parkinson’s, MS, Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, MSA, Dysphasia, Brain injury, Spine injury, SCI, Stroke, Ataxia, Epilepsy, ME, CFS. and MND.

Renew, a 12 week course is delivered throughout Cornwall at numerous locations. Contact the team for information. 


How we can help:

Through gentle progressive exercise clients can build strength, endurance and new techniques to help you in your day to day life. Living with a neurological condition can be tiring but education and practice of fatigue management can help people to maintain energy and activity levels to allowing them to do more. Managing and adapting to symptoms will promote their independence and help clients to feel more control of their lives.

Clients will often feel frustrated, isolated, weak, unstable and unbalanced. The essence is to look at movement patterns addressing balance and motor skills to improve quality of life, there will also be an element of de-stressing. We will build client’s fitness toolbox with functional techniques to filter into their day to day activities.

Our 12 week evidence based fitness program sees improvements in behaviour and can increase independency; along with mental agility and speech and language progression. It develops and sustains life enhancing skills.

There are opportunities to work with an experienced rehabilitation personal trainer in private sessions.

“I came into class on two sticks at 45 degrees and couldn’t walk properly. Since then, I have never looked back. Now people don’t even know I’ve got Parkinson’s”
— Judith Green