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Training with Zizzi Operations Manager - Birmingham 2017

Training with Zizzi Operations Manager - Birmingham 2017

Impact Training Solutions:

Courses designed to make you put your team's wellbeing first.  Understanding life's madness in the workforce

Your Body Series: 14 hours CPD Moving Nourishing Sleeping De-Stress.

This course works through the 4 important areas of your life which are intrinsic in enabling you to achieve your optimum health. Nurturing your whole body will allow you to function more effectively, reducing pain and inflammation, adding healthy nutrients, generating more energy, relaxing and learning how to deal with the stressors in your life.

Your Hormones Series 7 hours CPD Cortisol to Thyroid Awareness Ninjas

We look at the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances and fluctuations. Learn how, by balancing your hormones, you can achieve a healthy mind and body. From Adrenaline and Cortisol through oestrogen to progesterone, examine how including a nutritious diet and other lifestyle behaviours can help to increase your metabolism and fat burning processes, improve strength and quality of life, reduce stress and the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other health problems.

Your Nutrition, Slaying the Myths 7 CPDs inc; JUICING DEMONSTRATION

We challenge some of the myths around nutrition. The media is awash with the latest “should eat, should n’t eat” messages and it can be overwhelming, leading to nutrition confusion! Learn about eating a healthy diet including the benefits of juicing, the different types of sugars – fructose, sucrose and glucose, carbs, low fat, saturated fat…. The list goes on.

Back Pain & Posture 3.5 hours CPD

We consider the different postures as a result of your daily activities or repetitive work habits such as sitting at a computer all day, lifting or carrying incorrectly. We examine how poor posture can affect your muscles which in turn, can cause discomfort and anatomical changes in your body. We work through improving awareness and share a variety of exercises which can help to decrease muscle tension and improve posture.

Managing Stress Like a Ninja 7 hours CPD

Learn how the activities and behaviours in your daily life can all lead to an overwhelming amount of stress if you do not learn how to manage them effectively. We break down the different stressors and relate them to your mental and physical health and wellbeing. We discuss how making small changes and maintaining consistency, can help to improve your stress levels at home and in the workplace. Ninja kick your stress into the next century with effective coping strategies to help you to manage busy and stressful lifestyles.

Workplace Wellbeing Series: 42 hours CPD Cherry Pick for Your business needs* (see below for full list of content)

3rd Age Women for Positive Peri-Menopause and Beyond 7 hours CPD

13 million women are going through or are in menopause – one third of the female population in the UK.

As women enter their 3rd Age, peri to post menopausal changes can highlight issues with hormones, mood swings and anxiety, sweating and snoring, brain fog,  insomnia, fatigue and reduced energy levels plus weight gain and sexual and intimate problems including incontinence, prolapse and a lack of sex drive. We CAN discuss these topics without embarrassment as they are completely normal despite being one of the most unspoken issues affecting women in the world today.

You will learn about the impact of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle on the symptoms of menopause and how, by making some small changes, you can help to prevent some diseases and improve your quality of life.

Introduction to iCareiMove Training 7 hours CPD

A full day’s course learning about the science and evidence behind the two fundamental iCareiMove® programmes, “Strength and Balance” and “Bed to Chair”.  These two programmes form the basis of all of the other programmes with education and face to face learning which supports the learners to confidently deliver the programmes in their working environment, along with the iCareiMove® online videos. Practice the movement patterns and learn how you can help your client’s to live more independently, move more easily and to include daily exercise in their daily routines.


The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness:
The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity:
— Oxford Dictionaries

*Workplace Wellbeing Series: 42 CPD cherry pick for your business needs*

Resilience Warriors 7CPD

This subject is 6 hours with a suggested reading list around Emotional Intelligence, time management and change management. The approach is conversation lead whilst building tools to become more resilient.

Hormone Ninja 7CPD

Hormones control our minds and bodies. Stress affects our bodies. Nutrition supports our nourishment. This workshop brings food, stress and menopause together reinforcing the whole body approach to enhanced performance.

Demonstrations on how to be mindful

Proof that stress makes you fat 7CPD

A rollercoaster to adrenalin. Why can chronic stress in the workplace kill you. A light-hearted approach to a killer of a story.

Accountability Works 7CPD

Using goal setting and team work to manage crisis

Change Management 7CPD

Stuff happens and we have to deal with it but how?

Action learning sets, team goals, communication when it is a difficult conversation. Transactional analysis

Routines, habits and assumptions

Building Relationships 7CPD

Emotional Intelligence

Charisma The Crow and The Pitcher

Mutual expectations

Organisational culture change and how we create a stronger reactive environment.


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