REVIVE -  Caring for the Carers

We have always recognised and honoured our carers. They are often deemed the undervalued and unappreciated. Carers often can't recognise that they are carers, as they do what they do for family and through love. Caring is not a vocation in life, or a "paid job" yet the carer saved the UK economy 94 billion in 2014. A shocking statistic for such an important person in the role of supporting a child, spouse, partner or loved one with a long term condition.

Caring for the Carers

We celebrate our carers and allow them some "me time".

Revive is our product designed especially to address calm, relax the mind and stretch the body, plus the added bonus of topical discussions and an opportunity to offload. The sessions involve half an hour of topical conversation, 45 minutes of modified and adapted exercises and always a 15 minute break for a cuppa.

The research shows that if we can maintain and improve the health of the carers, this will have a positive impact on the quality of life at home. Carers have a tendency to neglect their own welfare and health and Revive is designed to get you back on track. 

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