Business Wellbeing Training

Authentic training around building stronger teams. Workshops to address communication and improve stress levels within teams and organisations.

Facilitating groups and exploring ways to improve productivity. It is a unique and engaging style from the first moment. Different enough to allow a safe and open environment to learn and grow from.

Memorable in ways that reach beyond the 9-5, and methods that can be applied in all aspects in life. Be prepared for the roller coaster with some truly bonding outcomes.

Life Coaching

Clarification and exploration of your growth and development. Looking at goal setting and how to prepare you for your goals.

Exploring options for moving forward and how we can become accountable.

Finding ways forward in a functional plan to be the best version of you identifying and agreeing specific action with your coach

Business Consultant and mentor

Leadership and development of people and processes whether starting up or step changing.

Developing the strategy to increase the bottom line.


Clinical therapy before and after surgery or treatment. Home visits for prehab and rehab. Goal setting and working towards making health improvements. Personal training with great outcomes.

iCareiMove Falls Prevention Classes We are delivering courses throughout Cornwall. Best get in touch with us for further details. We are in the business of keeping you steady on your feet. Strength and Balance is the way to move.

iCareiMove Zumba Gold Classes

Seen at Carnon Downs Village Hall for Zumba Gold. Mondays 2.15. For those who want to shake and boogie without the stress on your joints. Seated and standing variations.

Memory Cafe Smile and Reflect We are delivering classes throughout Cornwall at Memory cafes . but also teaching you to be a Smile and Reflect Pro so you can deliver this yourself. Best get in touch with us for further details. We are in the business of not just adding years to your life but life to your years.

On-Line Little Black Dress Plan

Initial 28 day plan followed by a follow on. Tried, tested 100’s of times and still bringing results to you.