Impact Training

Courses designed to make you put your team's wellbeing first.  Understanding life's madness in the workforce

Workplace Wellbeing Series: choose a total of 42 hours CPD -cherry pick for your business needs

Resilience Warriors 7 hours CPD

This subject is 6 hours with a suggested reading list around Emotional Intelligence, time management and change management. The approach is conversation lead whilst building tools to become more resilient.

Hormone Ninja 7 hours CPD

Hormones control our minds and bodies. Stress affects our bodies. Nutrition supports our nourishment. This workshop brings food, stress and menopause together reinforcing the whole body approach to enhanced performance.

Demonstrations on how to be mindful

Stress makes you fat 7 hours CPD

A rollercoaster to adrenalin. Why can chronic stress in the workplace kill you. A light-hearted approach to a killer of a story.

Accountability Works 7 hours CPD

Using goal setting and team work to manage crisis

Change Management 7 hours CPD

Stuff happens and we have to deal with it but how?

Action learning sets, team goals, communication when it is a difficult conversation. Transactional analysis

Routines, habits and assumptions

Building Relationships 7 hours CPD

Emotional Intelligence

Charisma The Crow and The Pitcher

Mutual expectations

Organisational culture change and how we create a stronger reactive environment.